The Human Rights Education Programme at Amnesty International India
The Human Rights Education programme works with schools in India to make human rights a part of daily school life. The programme is rooted in the belief that if dignity, respect, inclusion and non-discrimination become an everyday occurrence, children start living a culture of human rights - a life where they can thrive and grow.

Through a 'Whole-School Approach' that focuses on four key areas - Curriculum, Environment, Relationships, and Governance, the programme aims to sow the seeds of a rights-respecting society in schools and nurture its growth.

Under the HRE Programme, we have developed the 'No Tolerance To Bullying' module that addresses the issue of bullying in schools and provides activities and ideas on how each member of the school community - Students, Teachers, Parents and Management - can help make schools bully-free. Write to us at [email protected] to get a copy of the module. Visit for further information.